Tips to Presenting your Wine List

Working for Estate Wines has provided me with ample experience designing menus and wine lists for all types of cafés, bars, clubs and restaurants. I like to think that after three years and a few hundred wine lists, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to do it well. To assist in creating an effective wine list for your venue, I’ve put together a list of best practices, designed with you and your customers in mind.

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Stonefish wins big in China!

Things just keep on looking up for Stonefish Wines, taking out another hoard of awards at this year’s China Wine & Spirit Awards. Only the second time the winery has submitted products into the show and already the boutique wine label is making big waves in the Asian market. The man with the Midas touch, […]

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Alpha Estate nominated for Winemaker of the Year

Wine Enthusiast Magazine Nominates Angelos Iatridis from Alpha Estate for it’s prestigious Winemaker of the Year 2014

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Leogate – Voted the World’s Best New Wine

2014 International Wine Challenge, London “Len Evans would be delighted. His favourite vineyard has been honoured as having produced the grapes for the World’s Best New Wine” say Bill and Vicki Widin of Leogate Estate Wines and Brokenback Vineyard. The 2014 International Wine Challenge in London last night awarded the “James Rodgers Trophy for the […]

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Understanding Italian Wines

Impressively, Italy is responsible for roughly ⅓ of the world’s wine production, with one million vineyards scattered throughout the country under cultivation. Italy’s wine regions correspond with the 20 administrative regions, the most famous being the prestigious wine regions of Tuscany, Veneto and Piedmont. Even more staggering however, is there are up to 500 species […]

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Wines for Winter

While the Aussie winter can’t exactly be described as extreme, there is still a significant difference in the styles of food and wine reached for during the colder months. Hearty winter dishes like roasts and stews take favour over the loved summer barbie, and as such, it makes sense that crisp, acidic whites move over to make room for richer, more dimensional wines too.

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10 Tips to Creating a Good Wine List

Ten handy tips to keep in mind when creating or updating your venue’s wine list.

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Serving & Presenting Wine

Serving wine at restaurants is incredibly important in the overall ‘wine experience’ you offer to your clientele – and this extends to both casual eateries and fine dining establishments. Knowing how to serve wine at its most optimum can range from factors that maximise the quality of the varietal itself, to the way its presented […]

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Exploring the most popular Australian wines

This article explores some of Australia’s most popular wine varieties, the regions where they are produced as well as providing some recommendations from our extensive range of boutique Australian wines.

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Exploring Traditional Greek Wine Varieties

Getting a handle on Greek wine varieties can challenge even the most informed wine lover. This article takes a close look at 7 traditional Greek grapes and the wines they produce.

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Little Fish in a Big Pond

  Stonefish Wines, a small boutique Australian wine brand, has just been added to the wine list of the World's Best Independent Airport Lounge, Plaza … Read More

1821 Restaurant

1821 A Greek Wine Odyssey

Join us at the Sydney restaurant, 1821, as visiting Greek sommelier, Marios Nikiforidis, takes you on a journey of exquisite Greek wines from Alpha Estate in … Read More

Man holding bunch of grapes

New Wines to Look Out for

As the palates of Australian wine drinkers evolve and become more refined, there is a growing demand for more varied wines in restaurants and bottle shops. As a … Read More